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    SCEA Turnaround Time

      I have a couple of questions for anyone familiar with the Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect (SCEA) certification.

      1) There are currently 3 parts to the certification (prior to August 1st, 2011) -- multiple choice exam, assignment, and essay exam. Which of these can be taken concurrently, and which ones must be taken in sequence?

      2) How long does it take after assignment submission for Oracle/Sun to review it and assign it a grade?

      3) How long does it take after essay completion for Oracle/Sun to review it and assign a grade?

      4) After you complete all 3 parts and receive passing grades for them, are there any finishing steps before the certifcation is considered complete?

      Overall, I am primarily interested in determining roughly how much waiting time there is in the certification process.

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          I've now found information that confirms the parts must be taken in sequence, but the assignment and essay (which should be taken immediately after doing the assignment) should be submitted together. Also, Oracle claims the assignment is graded as pass/fail (rather than the percentage shown at first glance), and that it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get the pass/fail result.

          So take the initial multiple choice exam first. Then do assignment. Then do essay. Then submit assignment and essay together. Get pass/fail result in 4 to 6 weeks.

          I garnered all of this from http://www.ibt.prometric.com/oracle.

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            Thanks for the information Skotty. That is good to know. I'm sure many others will have the same question.