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    Recuperar clave del root al reiniciar el Sistema Operativo


      Tengo un servidor con solaris 9 y esta solicitando usuario y clave al iniciar el sistema, el problema es que, cuando instalaron el servidor no entregaron ninguna clave ni usuario del Sistema Operativo, necesito saber como puedo recuperar o cambiar la clave del root, he cambiado clave en linux pero en solaris veo que no es lo mismo como puedo hacerlo, cabe indicar que tampoco disponemos el instaldor de solaris 9

      por la atencion gracias
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          You will usually get a mush better response if you post your inquiries in English.

          Anyhow, having said that, I searched via Google for language translation web sites.
          I used the first one that the Google search showed me and found this to be your question:
          I have a servant with solaris 9 and this requesting user and key upon initiating the system,
           the problem is that, when they installed the servant did not they deliver none key neither user of the operating System, 
          I need to know as I can recover or to change the key of the root, 
          I have changed key in linux but in solaris I see that is not the same thing like I can do it, 
          fits to indicate that do neither we arrange the instaldor of solaris 9 
          So, it seems you need to change the password for `root`?
          This has been asked many times in these forums over the past ten years or so.
          The answer is already in forum posts.
          You can freely search for those answers.

          You could also use Google and search on "Solaris root password" and get the same solution to your issue.