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    JMF In Fullscreen Exclusive Mode


      I was wondering if anyone could let me know if JMF is supported inside a Fullscreen Exclusive Application? I seem to have no problem setting up JMF Video output for a standard JFrame/Frame, but when setting a "fullscreenWindow" the Player turns black. I cannot seem to find any posts on whether this is supported or if there are bugs when in Fullscreen Exclusive Mode.

      -Michael Morris
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          Never written a fullscreen exclusive application. In fact, I've never even heard of such a thing.


          "In full-screen exclusive applications, painting is usually done actively by the program itself"

          Ah. So no, I don't think JMF would support that because it's not going to be actively rendering, only passively rendering in response to paint requests. It's AWT/Swing based, after all...

          But, the fact that JMF doesn't support it does not mean JMF can't support it. JMF provides a custom Renderer interface which you could implement to actively render the stuff. It'll essentially give you a copy of the video frame in a Buffer object which you can then turn into an image using the BufferToImage class and then render that however you'd render an image for a full screen exclusive application...
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            Thank you, this is what i has been thinking it would come to. I was simply not sure if there were any other methods of getting this to work in FullScreen Exclusive Mode.

            I'll be checking what I can do to actively render each frame. But I wonder how this will effect speed of video playback. Granted in my situation I only want to play a small, maybe 10 second, video, I wonder if video framerate will be hurt in the process of rendering each frame and painting to the screen.

            Thanks for confirming this for me.

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              Did you managed to solve this issue?