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    Limitation in Chart Navigation or drilldown

      Hi all,

      I changed the column formule to include conditional navigation like
      CASE WHEN MONTH("- Opportunity Custom Attributes".DATE_26)=1 THEN '{a href=/OnDemand/user/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=%2fusers%2fznac%23user%2fTestJan&Options=rfd&Action=Prompt}'||CAST(MONTH("- Opportunity Custom Attributes".DATE_26) AS CHAR)||'{a}' ELSE CAST(MONTH("- Opportunity Custom Attributes".DATE_26) AS CHAR) END and changed the data format as HTML it is working fine as expected in table but not in bar chart. also on axis it is showing {a href..} till the value not the month.

      Also i tried using custom text
      {@[HTML]}"{a href="/OnDemand/user/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=%2fusers%2fznac%23atripathi%2fTest@&Options=rfd&Action=Prompt"}"@"{/a}"
      this also works fine in table view on column but not in chart

      I need to have conditional navigation as per the column clicked as in based on month to different report.

      Anyone encountered this? any resolutions?