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    Life Cycle for Sales Application?

    ramesh thota
      Hi to all,

      Plz tell me the life cycle of Sales Application or Other siebel applications.

      Thanks & Regards

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          Can you please explain exactly what it is that you wish to know? What do you mean by 'life cycle'?


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            ramesh thota
            hi mroshaw

            I want the process flow for a sales application. I mean from which entity it starts and how it will be converted to another entity and finally when the process will finish.

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              the process summary are:

              Opportunity -> Quote -> Sales Order -> Asset

              In start of process you can create a campaign to prospect leads and clients, and in campaign generate a opportunity.
              In middle of this process, you can Product associated, you maybe can proposal, contract, tax, etc...
              After generate a asset, you can open the service request to modify, disconnect, register problems, etc.

              To start the simple sales process in Siebel, read the following bookshelfs:

              See Chapter 29 Opportunities (User) on page 353 in "Siebel Applications Administration Guide"
              See Chapter 10 Creating a Quote or Sales Order in "Siebel Order Management Guide"

              This chapters, show how create a opportunity, a quote, a sales order and generate a asset.

              You can read about campaign, product and service request.