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    Custom Object Reporting

      Hi Experts,

      I am trying to create a report on Custom Object4 and Custom Object5 (CO5 is a child object of CO4).The report is getting generated perfectly . Now my aim is to pass the report in a web applet under Custom Object4 so that report gets filtered accordingly. I have added the report in web applet but the problem that i m facing is that the same report gets generated Under all the records of CO4 even if it has got or not any child items in CO5.

      Any help is welcomed

      Thanks and Regards
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          Are you using the "Is Prompted" filter on the column you are trying to filter the results on ?
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            Yes i am using it but the report remains same.
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              Hi Sablok,

              Mere prompting is insuffucient. Presently you would be using the link https://secure-ausomxapa.crmondemand.com/OnDemand/user/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=%2fusers%2fcrmit-demo%23crmit%2fPaulSwarnapandian%2fCo2+Applet&Options=rfd&Action=Prompt+ in the report.

              However you need to use the link https://secure-ausomxapa.crmondemand.com/OnDemand/user/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=%2fusers%2fcrmit-demo%23crmit%2fPaulSwarnapandian%2fCo2+Applet&Options=rfd&Action=navigate&p0=1&p1=eq&p2=CustomObject4.ROW_ID&p3=%%%Id%%%+ in the web applet.

              Following is the explanation

              Action=Prompt should become Action=Navigate; the reason is navigation is used when we use the report in the detail page.
              &p0=1; p0 refers to the number of filters used. We are using only one filter "RowId is prompted" and hence it is one.
              &p1=eq; this refers to equal
              &p2=CustomObject4.ROW_ID ; this refers to the Report field that is being prompted; in your case it is the Custom Object 4's RowId
              &p3=%%%Id%%%; this also refers to the row id that is to be passed like XXXX-AAAAA. This will pass dynamically for each and every CO4.

              My email id is spaul@crmit.com and contact number is 8197839902. Please mail/call me in case of any issue.



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