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    Oracle DB install - Ubuntu 11.04 - library dependency problem

      Hi -
      Spent the good part of the weekend trying to install Oracle Database on Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal). Unsuccessful in getting it work, so far.

      Here is my setup -
      Intel D820 Dual Core PC with 4 GB of RAM, and sufficient disk space.
      Ubuntu 11.04 - 64 bit OS.
      Oracle Database - downloaded the Linux x86_64 version.

      So basically I am trying to install a 64 bit database on a machine with a 64 bit OS.

      Here is the problem -
      1. The installer identifies a number of packages (libraries) as not being available. Problem is, these ARE AVAILABLE in the PC.
      2. If I ignore the above warnings, then I end up with an error message when the libraries are being linked, while installing the database.

      The error message points to a "client_sharedlib". I read through a number of discussions in this forum that discussed how to resolve this problem - but none worked for me.

      I understand that Ubuntu is not one of the certified platforms. But can anyone help resolve this problem? I can post log messages from the installation process based on the response I get from folks here.

      Thank you.