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    Could not map Dataproject to Remote server

      I have a Dataproject local to my system. and i am trying map my Data project through EAR project to remote server.

      in the content previwer i can see the content which is retrived from the remote server.
      but when i put placeholders in jsp they are not working. and i could not see the placeholder files(which i have created in workshop) in adminitsrative console of remote server. When same can be seen if i deployed EAR in local server.

      as we are in development phase we could not use prapogation tools.

      1)When i can see the content Content Proviewer why i could not display them in jsp. ?
      2) Why EAR deployed to local server i can see the files created in Data project from portal adminitstation console.
      and why i could not see them in remote server portal dminstation console when same EAR project is deployed.

      Please help me some body
      thanks in advance
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          Hi -

          When you deploy your application to the local server in development mode via Workshop, it configures datasync projects a differently than when you deploy a .ear file to a server. There is some information about this at http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E15919_01/wlp.1032/e14245/datasync.htm#i1028339

          I don't know what the exact error is, but here's a couple of things to investigate:
          1. In your .ear file, make sure the .pla files exist somewhere underneath a META-INF/data folder (generally they are under META-INF/data/placeholders).
          2. On the remote server's database, make sure the DATA_SYNC_ITEM table is empty for your application (look in DATA_SYNC_APPLICATION for the APPLICATION_ID). See http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E15919_01/wlp.1032/e14233/data_dictionary.htm#i1298627 for details about the database. From a .ear file, the META-INF/data files (which come from your datasync project) are only loaded into the database if the database is empty; otherwise, you need to propagate or clear out the database rows. If you have no other application on the remote server, you can just
          delete from all the DATA_SYNC_* tables.