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    primary and standby


      in which situations we will convert primary db as standby and standby as primary.

      thank you
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          This is switchover case:

          A switchover is typically used to reduce primary database downtime during planned outages, such as operating system or hardware upgrades, or rolling upgrades of the Oracle database software and patch sets (described in Chapter 12, "Using SQL Apply to Upgrade the Oracle Database").

          Please read more in Data Guard doc: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e17022/rollup.htm#BABGHIGF.

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            when all else fails Read The Fine Manual

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              This conversion can be done in two ways: switchover or failover..

              A failover is used when the primary db becomes unavailable and there is no possibility of restoring it back to service within a reasonable amount of time.
              Whereas switchover is used to reduce the primary db downtime during hardware changes or upgradation tasks..