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    Sun Hardware SNMP MIB

      Can any one help about getting the MIB Mapping for the the SNMP MIB coming from the Service Processor ( XSCF for MX000 , SC for Alom , .. etc)
      because I need to use them with another third party software HP NNM and OMU ( Operation Manager for Unix ) to track any hardware error like power supply failure , fan failure , .....etc

      I asked this question here as I know that this software SunMC is doing nearly the same function that is done by the OMU so I said may be some one could help me to find this MIB maps or may be he can give me brief introduction about the SunMC and if it's can be integrated with other softwares like OMU , NNM , ... etc

      Best Regards and Thanks in Advance
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          IMHO. You not neeaded do mapping.

          Yoy need add specific MIBS from Sun Hardware to your managment software.

          You need read docs to managment software for understand how do it.

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            Yes I understand you and that's what I'm looking for
            the MIB file for this Sun Hardware
            the Software Documentation tells me that I have to provide tha software with the mib file for this Sun Hardware Products
            and that I have to get this file from the Vendor Sun
            so that's what I came to ask about here coz I searched every where for it through the internet but I couldn't get what I want exactly

            but I think that there is another solution or work arround which was to get the Sun Managment Center and then by a mean or another integrate this SunMC with the OMU software

            I hope you know where I can get this files
            or even may be you can give me information about the SunMC and how it is working ?
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              Path for get Sun (Oracle) Hardware MIBS depend of equipment :).

              What exactly you need ?

              For example, for XSCF: MIBS included in files for update XSCF.

              It's available on support.oracle.com ( patches & update ). Require valid CSI.

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                thnkx for ur reply
                there is a list for the sun Hardware for which I need their mib files

                but do I need to have them in Contract support to get their mib files ?
                because you are telling me that I want to have a valid CSI Customer Support Identifier so does this mean that I need to have them in support Contract with Sun ?

                and for the XSCF where are these update files I didn't get it clearly
                thnx in advance
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                  For download any usefull from oracle you need have support contract.

                  M3000 - M5000 can use same version of XSCF with same MIB.

                  For example:
                  Patch 11810128: SUN SPARC M5000 XCP1101 FIRMWARE

                  It include:

                  FFXCP1101.tar.gz Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000/M5000 Server Firmware
                  M3-9000_XCP1101_MIB.mib Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series Server Firmware MIB File
                  SUNWspsec_v1_10.tar.gz Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series Server Firmware Security Software Package for Viewing SP Audit Logs
                  XCP1101_M4-5000_metadata.xml For Ops Center Use Only

                  For T5120, T5220, T1000, T2000

                  Try Web Access to ILOM.
                  Configuration -> System Managment Access -> SNMP -> Download MIB

                  But it may present not all version ILOM.

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                    I wanna thank you
                    I know this is a late reply xD
                    \but I have to thank you because your replies helped me a lot to reach all the mib files that I need
                    thnx :)
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                      search for the SNMP Mibs in the new firmware version for the Ilom in the web interface
                      Configuration -> system management -> SNMP
                      then choose download mibs

                      and for the M Series just download the XCP firmware and unzip the downloaded file in which you will find the mib file you are looking for
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                        thats the thing, you cannot JUST download upgrades anymore. you need a $ervice contract