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    Ultra 40 - 1 TB SAS disk

      Sorry, I originally posted this in "General -- Maintenance", can't figure out how to move it.

      Does anyone know if the Ultra 40 M2 will recognize a 1 TB SAS disk, and/or will a 1TB SAS disk work OK in the Ultra 40 M2?

      I don't think that SAS disks over 300GB were available when the U40 was an active product. Is there any reason to think that a
      1TB SAS disk would not work? The specs say that 750GB SATA disks were supported, as I recall.

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          long delay but

          the sas controller is based on the LSI SAS3081E so check the notes from www.lsi.com but it does work even with the 1.5TB as a friend can testify
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            Sun Ultra™ 40 M2 Workstation Product Notes:

            Failure to Power-Up With 8 x 750 Gb Drives
            Systems with eight 750 Gb hard drives might fail to power-up. If this happens,
            perform the following workaround.
            1. Turn off the system.
            2. Remove one of the 750 Gb drives.
            3. Power up the system.
            This issue is under investigation.