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    Oracle 11g forms + SSO configuration

      We are having a forms 11g application and we are trying to configure the same with oracle SSO. But when I set the ssoMode=true in the formsweb.cfg file and hit the url, i just get a page with a "Oracle SSO" line at the top of the page and nothing else.

      I have put the following in the mod_osso.conf file in the AS.

      The highlighted portion is the addition that I did to the config file.

      Can anyone help me out with what needs to be done to get the forms application go to the oracle SSO page?

      +LoadModule osso_module "${ORACLE_HOME}/ohs/modules/mod_osso.so"+

      +<IfModule osso_module>+
      +OssoIpCheck off+
      +OssoIdleTimeout off+

      +# Insert Protected Resources: (see Notes below for+
      +# how to protect resources)+

      +# Notes+
      +# 1. Here's what you need to add to protect a resource,+
      +# e.g. <ApacheServerRoot>/htdocs/private:+
      +# <Location /private>+
      +# require valid-user+
      +# AuthType Osso+
      +# </Location>+

      +*<Location /forms/frmservlet>*+
      +*require valid-user*+
      +*AuthType Osso*+

      +# If you would like to have short hostnames redirected to+
      +# fully qualified hostnames to allow clients that need+
      +# authentication via mod_osso to be able to enter short+
      +# hostnames into their browsers uncomment out the following+
      +# lines+
      +#PerlModule Apache::ShortHostnameRedirect+
      +#PerlHeaderParserHandler Apache::ShortHostnameRedirect+
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          Did you register the HTTP listener as a partner application ? (or, are you sure that you chose the SSO mode during install ?)
          cf http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E15523_01/web.1111/e10240/sso.htm#i1010624

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            Thank you Patrick.

            I came to know that the SSO was not installed in our case. Only the OID is configured. We are trying to make Forms authenticate users against the credentials in OID. From the link provided, I understand that OID and SSO go hand-in-hand. Is there a way where the Forms servlet can authenticate against the OID without having to go via the SSO? Can anybody help me out with suggestions on this?

            Karthik N
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              I think (to be confimed) that the Forms Servlet relies on Oracle SSO only (in order to get full SSO features and LDAP authentication).
              This OOTB feature deals with authentication but also with provisioning considerations and with passing context between Forms and Report (perhaps it's not in yours needs)
              Meanwhile, it should be possible to do a bind directly with the OID directory, from a Forms application.
              That means that you give up the SSO setup, and you implement the authentication into the application code with a specific login trigger.
              This trigger (on-logon) will call a PL/SQL function aimed to do a simple bind with the OID (just to verify the right combination user/password).
              Have a look into the Forms forum. There are numerous skilled guys who have probably already done this job.
              Fortunatly, OID is provided with a rich set of PL/SQL APIs at the database server level, well suited for Forms developers. You can also use LDAP APIs at the Apps Server level (vs Database).

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                We're having same problem. Under OAS 10g(forms 9i test.fmx) after registering partner application, when I tried to access forms, I get SSO login page. But under FMW 11g, after registering, when I tried to access test.fmx, I get "Oracle SSO" in the browser display, no SSO login page. I'm not sure why. I've followed following guides:
                1. Oracle® Fusion Middleware Forms Services Deployment Guide 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) - chapter 9
                2. SSO Integration with Forms, Reports, Discoverer and Portal in Oracle Middleware 11g Rel 1 [ID 852352.1].

                Partner applications for both 10g & 11g are done using same command using ssoreg.sh. Only difference is url is different.

                I'm hoping some one can help us, even thought the thread is old.