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    GRC Form Rules


      I am trying to call GRC Approval Group; whenver Approve Button is clicked in the Move Order Form. But I am not sure how to prevent the standard Oracle flow/code attached to the button to be stopped from executing and call this approval hierarchy instead.

      Any help/suggestion please?

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          yasir - oracle grc consulting - oracle

          Have a look for a form rule that is on the Move Order Form. A Flow Rule may have be triggered by clicking the Approve Button. You can try to disable this rule so it doesn't trigger a Flow Rule.
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            Hi yshah,

            Can u pls provide more details on how to do this as am new in GRC. I am trying to suppress the standard oracle codes/scripts in Move Order Form Approval button and launch a custom approval hierarchy? I dont see an option to disable the existing oracle functinality of this button

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              yasir - oracle grc consulting - oracle

              Go to http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12515_02/grc/html/docset.html and download the document for your version of Preventative Controls Governor (PCG), you want the user's guide in this case. You will need to have the GRC Responsibility (it was called LogicalApps in previous releases). Log in as this responsibility and you can check "Install History" which should tell you the version you're on. Get the correct documentation and go over the section on Form Rules and Flow Rules (you need GRC responsibility for these screens). This should give you a better idea on what you're looking for. I would think you also need a business analysts help, or someone who originally setup the rule. When looking at the Form Rules you can see which form they are attached to, and that should help tell you if the rule is the one affecting you. You will need to know the form name where this is happening for this to help you.

              I hope that helps.

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