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    Pet Store: Cannot find bp-project/main.xml

      In the instal document (C:\blueprints\instal.html) there is a link to UserREADME.html. However, after downloading the blueprints again I have searched all folders but cannot find UserREADME.html. Does anyone know what is in this document or where it can be found?

      I think missing out these set instructions is the reason for the following error when I build the Pet Store:

      "C:blueprints\petstore\bp-project.xml:31: Cannot find bp-project/main.xml imported from C:\blueprints\petstore\bp-project.xml"

      Do you know what the set up instructions are or where I can find them?

      Best regards,

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          the instructions to get petstore installed are at javapetstore-2.0-ea5\index.html so the file is called index.html and not README.

          hope that helps,
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            Thanks for responding to my query Sean.

            Is there anywhere on the web I can see the contents of javapetstore-2.0-ea5\index.html?

            When extracting java_ee_sdk-5_03-blueprints.zip I did not get a javapetstore-2.0-ea5\index.html. There are a number of index.html files in this zip file but none which give any instructions that need to be carried out before building the Pet Store application.

            Looking for javapetstore-2.0-ea5\index.html, I also extracted javapetstore-2.0-ea5-installer.jar which just resulted in the following files being extracted:

            directory META-INF containing MANIFEST.MF

            Any ideas about what I am doing wrong?
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              I had this error after checking out from subversion at https://svn.java.net/svn/petstore~svn/trunk/ws/apps/petstore
              It appeared that i was missing the bp_project
              I checked out the entire trunk (https://svn.java.net/svn/petstore~svn/trunk).
              Afterwards the bp_project was present and i could build.