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    IM 6.0 , Policy agent 2.2 , IIS 6.0 not working.


      I have been trying to communicate from windows 2003 server where the policy agent 2.2 is configured through IIS 6.0 and trying to connect to IM 6.0 on a Solaris 9.0 server in vain. The authentication mode is LDAP ( Sun one directory server version 5.2).

      When we start up the IIS 6.0 and try to access the link ( for security reasons I cannot post the link here ) we do not get any logs on the IIS server. There are no logs found anywhere.However we are able to ping the server which hosts IM 6.0 from windows 2003 server.

      Is there any best practice which we need to follow ? Could you guys help ?