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    web JavaFx on Glassfish v3 Server

      Me and some friends are making a Web application in JavaFX, making a connection to a database where data will be stored,
      we have already run this application using a DB in MySQL with XAMPP and it works well, insert and query without
      problems, but now we need to do the same but with Glassfish v3 and not to MySQL, but here comes the problem, Glassfish
      application are installed in the folder: "domains / namedomain /autodeploy" in the server, then here does deploy applications
      that can run from the browser using the address localhost: 8080/nameApplication, then we tested it with another
      application but this was Java Web Application and I run the deploy and could be accessed from the browser to localhost,
      but to try with our web application in JavaFX,no work, when we put the application [project folder] autodeploy folder,
      throw an error when generating the deploy, I read that this was done through a file *.war and this put it in the folder and
      try autodeploy but also driving this *.war of the whole folder of myapplication of this form using cmd: "directoryApplication> jar cvf nameApplication.war *" but does not work, the access route through localhost: 8080 downloads a file, but until then, nothing happens more ...

      Java Standart run perfectly with glassfish v3, but with JavaFx applications not run...

      I can't find help anywhere, I need help please ...

      you excuse my English, but still do not learn very well.

      How to deploy my web application JavaFx?

      How use a web application with glassfish v3 server?

      Thanks for your help...