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    Should I try to start learning now, or wait for Java 7 in July?

      Hello, I have no programming experience and I've always wanted to learn so I've decided to dedicate a lot of my free time to learning Java. I intend on taking courses this winter or next summer, but in the mean time I was considering getting a book or two and just focusing on learning the most fundamental basics of Java programming just to have the basics understood; however, from what I understand, Java 7 is coming out this July.

      Should I just wait a few months and try to start learning after some Java 7 books are released late this summer, or do you think 6 & 7 will be similar enough that it would be ok for me to start learning the basics of Java 6 right now? As I said, I currently have no programming experience so I'm oblivious to the extent of the differences between Java versions.

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