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    ClassDefinitionError on browser, but not on Appletviewer

    Rafael Anschau
      My applet works fine on Appletviewer, but when I run on the browser,
      I get a noclassdefinitionError. That particular class is in a jarfile
      that I added through tools/libraries and libraries(from project pane)/add library on NetBeans.
      I suspect the problem is that the base classes point to an address that the
      appletviewer knows how to find, but the browser does not,since
      Netbeans creates an absolute link,
      not a relative one to the jar file containing that class.

      Any ideas on how to solve that ?

      When, in the middle of a normal class, the appletviewer calls a class
      on c:\, it will read from there.
      Browsers can´t do that, so I need a way to circumvent Netbeans
      limitation of creating an absolute link to a place that the browser vm can´t find.

      Any suggestions are welcome.

      Thank you very much,