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    migrating off of linux Itanium platform with 10gr2

      We are faced with the linux Itanium platform becoming desupported. Our entire production database infastructure has been built on the linux Itanium platform and we must now find a way to complete a next to zero downtime migration from a 3 node rac running on the linux Itanium platform and somehow move to the linux_x86_64 platform.
      We cannot use data guard to facilitate the migration as this does not work between dissimilar platfroms in 10gr2.
      A suggestion has been made to use Golden Gate software to replicate the database between the dissimilar platforms and I was wanting to know if anyone on this thread has any experience in such a migration which would be from an existing 3 node rac to a new 3 node rac cluster.
      Also, can anyone elaborate on how this golden gate is licensed?