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    Contact coverage rate report(very complex, combine analysis)

      Hi experts,

      we have a KPI to measure the contact coverage base on segmentation.

      the business scenario is as following:

      1. We have 4 segments for tcontact, A, B, C, D. it is the custom filed in contact object;
      2. my contact: if I am in the contact team, even I am no the owner of the contact, the contact is also mine;
      3. My visited contact: the contact associated with activity which the owner is me;

      The seg A contact coverage rate = # of my visited contact with seg A / # of my contact with Seg A;

      The difficulty is it is in different report subject area. my contact should be used "Contact Tem", my visited contact should be used "Activity history";

      Now I can use combine analysis to run out # of my contacts by count(contact id) in contact team; subject area and the # of my visited contacts by(count(distict(contact id))) in activity subject area. the question is how I can calculate the rate, it is on different row same column;

      Please help;