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    SGD 4.61 AD integration

      Hi All,

      have a problem to integrate SGD with my AD. AD is running on Win2008r2.
      It's newly installed and only used for VDi and SGD -for demo. No problem to integrate with VDI.
      When trying to add the AD-server, with the SGD wizard 'SGD Authentication Wizard', I get the error "LDAP Copnnection Error, DNS lookup failed, _gc._tcp.<domainname>".

      In the AD there is a gc.tcp entry but I don't get an proper answer when running 'nslookup gc.tcp.<domainname>, but if I search for a host in the domain it succeeds.

      UPDATE: If I use 'nslookup -query=any gc.tcp.<domain> , it also succeeds.

      Is there any settings in the AD or in the Win-host or what have I missed ?


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          Hi Henrik,

          Can you confirm the following?

          * Was the nslookup call above being run on the SGD server? If not, does the nslookup call work on the SGD server?
          * Have there been any DNS config changes on the SGD server host since the SGD server was last restarted? If so, does "# tarantella restart sgd" fix the problem?
          * Was this an upgrade or a clean install of 4.61?