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    PDF Reader for Java mobiles

      I am new to J2ME but i have some experience in Core Java, Java Network Programming etc.

      I have noticed that lower-end Java phones come with a pre-loaded e-book reader that doesn't read PDF Files. The number of such phones in rising exponentially in our community.

      I want to create a PDF Reader for Java mobiles. Please help me find my way through J2ME. What packages / third-party APIs should i be looking at ?
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          Hi gourabmitra,
          I tried to achieve this same goal some years ago, but had to stop because PDF files were usually bigger than available heap size on Java ME Virtual Machines.
          My first try was to port iText (itextpdf.com) from Java SE to ME and then use it on my app.
          This took longer than what I wanted so I gave up. :(
          But then I created a simple txt reader (for UTF-8 encoding) and made it freely available at getjar.com/books (no ads).
          Telmo Mota