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    iProcurement and EAM

      Hi everyone,

      We are currently working to implement both EAM and iProcurement and we are having a problem.
      It seems that for stocked item, it is currently impossible in iProcurement to specify a bill of material (EAM).
      This functionality is currently available for direct item only.
      Would you have some idea to fulfill this requirement?
      The Bill of material in EAM must also be updated to add these stocked items.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          That is intended functionality.
          iProcurement cannot look at the Asset BOM and identify the components.
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            As this customization is mandatory for our EAM and iProcurement implementation.
            Would you have an approach to recommend to implement it?

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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              Not sure what integration you are looking for between iProcurement and EAM.

              Have you looked into creating a Work Order in EAM?
              EAM Work order screen will let you choose an ASSET and look at the BOM (esp. if it is a rebuildable item).
              And the user can then pick and choose which component needs to be added to the work order.
              The work order will then generate a requisition if it is a purchased item.

              This all is seeded functionality.

              Hope this helps,
              Sandeep Gandhi
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                Hi Sandeep,

                Thanks for the answer.

                Here is more information about the problem we are facing.
                First we are using 11i.
                Basically, the user does not like the item search functionality of EAM.
                To be more specific, we are facing this problem with the none rebuildable item.
                No BOM will be defined for these none rebuildable item.
                The user wants to be able to search the item based on the item description.
                In such a case with iProcurement, the user can create the work order and goes to iProcurement to query for the item. (the users really like this functionality)
                If it is a none stockable item, iProcurement will keep the link with the work order and will bring back the item selected in the work order.
                However, if it is a stockable item, this functionality does not exist. (this is our GAP. This is where we would need to customize.)
                In such a case, if we select a stockable item, an internal requisition will be created without the link to the work order.
                This GAP is impacting all the process following the creation of the internal requisition.
                I think that it is a major GAP.
                Would you have a recommendation on how it could be implemented?

                Thanks for your help.
                Lyne :-)
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                  Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                  I can't think of a way to do this without customizations.
                  What if they open 2 screens - one to search for and the other to add the searched item to the WO?

                  Sandeep Gandhi
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                    Hi Sandeep,

                    I thought about another possible solution.

                    Basicallly so far, we were planning to install iProcurement just to use its search item functionality.
                    But as I said, there is a GAP between EAM and iProcurement for the stockable item so this solution is not the best.

                    As a workaround, I was wondering if it would be possible to call in EAM the iProcurement item search functionality thru a customization.
                    By doing so, the user would not need to go to iProcurement, they would remain in EAM.
                    To do so, I was wondering if it would be possible to call an iProcurement API or library from this EAM customization?
                    Let me know if there is some documentation that I could look at to see if it is possible.
                    Any idea or information would be appreciated?

                    Thanks...Lyne :-)
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                      Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                      Sorry Lyne - I do not know how to do that.
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                        No problem. Thanks for your help and reply. :-)