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    Custom Login Page for OpenAM

      Hello All,

      Iam trying to write my own login page for openam .So , I changed the Login.jsp in opensso/config/auth folder and the image files in opensso/images folder , but the problem is the changes are not getting effected.
      I replaced the Login.jsp with my own Login.jsp ,the result is instead of displaying my login page,it is displaying the old one only even though there is no old login page in the auth folder. Iam using firefox browser , i cleared all the history to make sure that the old login page is not getting cached, but the result is the same.
      Can anyone explain me how login process works in OpenAM or maybe some links to documentation for that and what is the problem that iam facing now?

      Thanks & Regards,
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          The login page that is used for the default realm/service/locale is located in opensso/html/Login.jsp.

          It is then possible to create different pages for the various realms, services and locales you may be using. A full summary can be found at http://blogs.sun.com/bouyges/entry/opesso_customizing_login_page .

          You may find that you get a better response to your questions on the OpenAM mailing list where there is an active community, which you can join at https://lists.forgerock.org/mailman/listinfo/openam