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    AutoVue 20.x Desktop Deployment Java Controls

      I have an open support ticket with Oracle, but it was suggested that I post my project requirements here as well so the development team and pre-sales team can provide feedback.

      In our current production environment, we have AutoVue 19.3 Desktop Version installed locally on each of our user's desktops. Our application (written in Microfocus COBOL) runs separately and we use C++ function calls to control AutoVue (display a document, rotate, print, etc.). We are looking to upgrade to the new AutoVue 20.1, but we understand that the calls must be written in Java. Again, we would have a separate application (Microfocus COBOL) but we would instead invoke Java functions to control AutoVue 20.1.

      I was thinking the Desktop Deployment (not Desktop Version) would be the way to go. The level of Java knowledge on our team is rather limited. We have mostly used Java to create web services. It does not seem like web services would be the way to go using the Desktop Deployment. Is it best to create these as Java Beans? With my limited Java experience, I'm just not sure.

      Currently, we use C++ to control AutoVue 19.3. I would like to rewrite this code in Java for version 20.1, and it would include the following functions:
      Initialize AutoVue
      Display an image
      Display a specific page
      Rotate an image
      Print an image
      Print a page/range of pages
      Create/Export an image
      Clear/reset AutoVue
      Close AutoVue

      Any direction would be appreciated.
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          There is a number of ways to implement this.

          From what you are describing it looks like you would need to create a Java application and embed AutoVue in it.
          Then you could use AutoVue API to implement the functions you are mentioning.

          But before doing that you need to consider all options.
          For example can you use AutoVue Desktop Deployment out of the box and just customize GUI to include only the functions you need.
          You could also add some custom actions that don't come out of the box with AutoVue.

          If you could describe exactly what your application should do from user's point of view we could give you more precise recommendations.
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            Thank you for the information. I don't think using a Java application and embedding AutoVue into it will work for us though. We have a rather complex MicroFocus COBOL windows application, and that's the main window that the users interface with. AutoVue functions are actually controlled from within the COBOL application. AutoVue is not embedded in our COBOL application (nor could it be). We currently launch AutoVue Desktop Version as a separate application and just send it commands via C++ API's. I need to accomplish the same thing in Java using the new version of AutoVue. I hope this additional information clears some things up, and I appreciate your help and feedback.