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    Your thoughts on entity objects and binding

      Hey guys,

      I got my first look yesterday on the new 2.0 Beta version and after reading the chapter about bindings and the new property types I got a bit skeptical.

      I would like to hear your suggestions about bindings entity objects. An example would the retrieval of objects from a remote app server via RMI.

      A few possible solutions that come into my mind are:

      1. Create entity proxy classes on the client using the new property types and passing the values to the subject entity object
      2. Create POJOs on the client which would be mapped to the entity objects using a object to object mapper like Dozer for example
      3. Implement (Hibernate) custom types which would use the new property types thus coupling the server to the JavaFX API

      Another example would the creation of client code to a SOAP web service or a REST service. It looks to me that this would involve extra code generation
      or at least customization of the code generator to be able to use the JavaFX bindings.

      Overall JavaFX 2.0 looks fantastic. I am looking forward leaving Flex behind that's for sure. There is a gap between the Java types and the AS3 types which annoys me when
      it comes to client to server communication.

      I hope I am missing something and/or some of you have the same concerns that I have so we can think of possible solutions and decide together more or less on the best one
      or at least the best for different cases.