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    Storage Tex 6140 - Disk Firmware

      This is with ref to one of out Storage Tek 6140, in which there was disk failure last week. While replacing and assiging the disk we got the event notification of Firmware mismatch.

      In our case all of the old disk's firmware version is 3092

      The new disk's Firmware which was inserted last week is - 0A1C

      As the new disk has been replaced successfully, and hot spare is no longer in use.

      As per event notification it says that --------------

      Tray.00.Drive.06 is at revision "0A1C" baseline version is "051C"

      Probable Cause:
      - An array has been discovered that has not had the baseline firmware loaded.
      - New firmware has been installed on the host.
      - A FRU has been installed in the array, and the installed firmware is not at baseline.

      Recommended Action:
      Go to the firmware maintenance page and load the baseline firmware on the affected components.

      In the same ref. I have below queries.

      1. In case if we will not upgrade the Firmware, and if above disk whose firmware's version is 0A1C will fail in future, whether the hot spare disk will automatically replace the disk. [ As the Fail ed's Disk's firmware is higher then that of spare one.

      2. Also as on on now storage array shows one major alarm for above firmware, is there any option to clear this alarm without upgrading the firmware.

      3. Also we have some of the users whose password need to be changed, while checking option in "User Management" there is no any option to change the password as there are only two options User Creation & Deletion.

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          1. Disk should be work normal. In case failure - should be replaced by hotspare automaticaly.

          2. You can't clear this alarm. You cant' install base FW on this disk. ( CAM can't do downgrade FW).
          For clear alarm you can install latest CAM + patches and Install Baseline FW on Array ( Arrays).
          I don't remember from CAM 6.6 or 6.7 CAM don't set alarm in case disk firmware mismatch.

          3. CAM don't have own password database. It use system password database. Change password for user on system where CAM is installed.
          ( In case Solaris - passwd <username>

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            Hi Nik,

            Thanks for reply.