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    JavaFx 2 without script


      Why in the world would you guys update JavaFx and remove the language basing it.

      Does that mean that all the work I've been doing with the .fx files is lost???

      This is insanity! Introducing a new language and then removing it! don't you have a staff that should have thought it through before doing this huge mistake?

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          In my experience, devs have an all too unfortunate tendency to come up with interesting, but flawed ideas that don't work out very well in the end. I have made that mistake quite often! I had a feeling that JavaFX Script would turn out the same way.

          The idea behind JavaFX Script was that it would be a graphics oriented language that would cater more to artists and designers than programmers and hopefully attract a larger crowd to Java.

          But of course, there are other scripting languages out there and JavaFX didn't stand out enough. Not to mention the fact that Java's primary audience was comprised of developers that develop in Java. Artists and designers would have benefited more from advanced tools than a specialized language. When Oracle bought Sun, they realized that JavaFX Script wasn't a good idea and deprecated it.

          I have heard rumors of some sort of a script converting tool called FXTranslator from this blog: http://www.gerbrand-ict.nl/2011/02/javafx-2-0-by-roger-brinkley/ . I don't know when or if it is coming out, but I hope it helps.
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            I understand. Though I still think something as important as it is the language should be thought well enough. Version 1.3 was launched after Oracle even though. It's not like updating the API. Removing the language means that everything you coded is useless now. it's insulting.

            And from Oracle's point of view, it shouldn't be all about a "script language" seeking to gain more artists and designers. It should be about the agility that Java lacks, the ability to build objects literals or even a way to initialize an object like C# provides, instead of forcing rudimentary methods like many constructors; was a step forward. And now it went back again.

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              Well, there do exist Java based scripting languages similar to JavaFX. Now that everything is in a Java API, you should be able to use JavaFX in them. Also, though JavaFX script has been deprecated, a successor called Visage has been created: http://code.google.com/p/visage/
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                Hi All
                I have written lot of code in Javafx scripts.I want to migrate to javaFx 2.0 which does not support JavaFX script.I heard there is a tool FXtranslator from oracle will be available.
                Plesase anyone help me to get this tool.

                Thanks in advance
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                  I really like the step that oracle has taken with javafx 2.0. Removing the language means that javafx features are now accessible from all kinds of JVM based languages like Scala or Groovy. Take a look at ScalaFX which may be interesting for you.
                  I always hated the java compatiblity mess.

                  The compatiblity thing is a problem yes, but I am sure there will be converters as soon as javafx support runs out.
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                    I am very confused!!

                    I want to create a dashboard that responds to enterprise data. I was going to use JavaFX 2.0 for the graphic and JavaFXScript for the data. What are my Options now?
                    Thank you for your responses