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    Oracle app version and jdeveloper version need for use an eBS installation

      hello all of you ,
      I need to know what version of Oracle app server server has my client in his 11i eBS running software and what version of jdeveloper is needed to develop web services on this app server.
      I need this because he wants some web services to accomplish some tasks and I need to know what can be done. I have access (on the web) to app server and I have access to the database too. I know database version , 10.1 .
      I run the sql script provided in Metalink note 390864.1 for 11i single tier and I got something like this
      1     3438354     11i.ATG_PF.H 16-Aug-05 20:52:21
      2     4017300     11i.ATG_PF.H.RUP1     16-Aug-05 21:48:04
      Do you think I can publish some plsql form my (client) database?
      Many thanks,