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    how to play video in full size


      i implemented an j2me application to play video, but video size(w,h) is very small.
      when i set video controller to full screen it is play just audio with no video.

      how to play a video in j2me with full screen size?

      public void playerUpdate(Player player, String event, Object eventData) {
                if(event.equals(PlayerListener.STARTED) &&
                          new Long(0L).equals((Long)eventData)) {
                     //check if media control video or not
                     VideoControl vc = null;
                     if((vc = (VideoControl)player.getControl("VideoControl")) != null) {
                          try {
      //trying to set full video screen
                          } catch (MediaException e) {                         
                          } //try-catch
                          Item videoDisp =
                               (Item)vc.initDisplayMode(vc.USE_GUI_PRIMITIVE, null);

                     } //check if video control not null
                } else if(event.equals(PlayerListener.CLOSED)) {

                     this.deleteAll(); // clears the form of any previous controls

                } // check started or close
           } //method: process when update the video Edit Post Reply Reply With Quote