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    Can default directories be changed when deploying PSoft HCM 9.1 via OVM?

      What I want to change is the PS_HOME and PS_CFG_HOME. So for example, when I deploy the OVM template, instead of PS_HOME being /opt/oracle/psft/pt/tools, I could make it something simpler like /peoplesoft9 and instead of PS_CFG_HOME being /home/psadm2/psft/pt/<peopletools_version> it could be something like /peoplesoft/pt or whatever.

      I saw in the documentation that you can edit the shell script /opt/oracle/psft/vm/oraclevm-template-ext.sh to add your desired functionality, but when I looked at it it didn't appear obvious as to how I could edit it to do what I mentioned above? We deployed an earlier version of the template, so maybe I am looking at an older version of the shell script? Is what I want to do possible?