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    Error ORA-01843 when migrating data from MySQL to Oracle-11g


      I'm having a problem when migrating data form MySQL to Oracle-11g using Migration Tool of SQLDeveloper

      The problem is related with the format of default date fields. Checking the .out files after the migration I have found this error :

      Error que empieza en la línea 176 del comando:
      CREATE TABLE comentario (
      id NUMBER(10,0) NOT NULL,
      texto VARCHAR2(128 CHAR),
      inicio DATE DEFAULT to_date('01-JAN-70 00:00:00', 'dd-MON-yy hh24:mi:ss') NOT NULL
      Error en la línea de comandos:179 Columna:30
      Informe de error:
      Error SQL: ORA-01843: mes no válido
      +01843. 00000 - "not a valid month"+

      I think that the problem is that the destination databases have been installed in spanish, but the month of the default date is in english. Is it possible to change the format of the default date?

      I've manually modify the sql file associated with the migration project to replace 01-JAN-70 with 01-ENE-70 and the problem has been solved, so I'm pretty sure that the problem is this, but I don't know if it's possible to configure the migration tool to use a different format or date for the default date.

      Any help will be appreciatted.

      Thanks in advance.