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    ODM attributes & CRMOD fields synced (for campaign and activities)

      We're just about to acquire ODM and already have CRMOD. I viewed the 4 videos on ODM as well as browsed through the Help Manual as well as the Configuration Manual. I cannot get a clear answer about things that are synced between ODM and CRMOD that admin does not seem to have control over.

      I know contact, leads, accounts can have attributes/fields synced. What I want to know is:
      - Which Program Attributes in ODM are synced with Campaign fields in CRMOD?
      - Which Activities Attributes in ODM are synced with Completed Tasks (Activities) in CRMOD?

      This is not covered in the manuals. If I were to perform an export of Activities and Campaigns in CRMOD and looked for the records that were created by ODM, which fields would be populated?

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          Justin Anderson-Oracle
          There is a recently posted TOI recording covering some of the details about the integration between marketing and CRM.

          To find the recording:

          * Login to CRM On Demand and go to the Training & Support link in the upper right corner.
          * On the main header menu of the Training & Support home page is a link for "On Demand Marketing"
          * That will take you to a page listing available webinars and TOI recorded presentations. Look for the TOI recording called 'Integration'.

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