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    Connection Fails

      I'm using SQL Developer 3.0.04 on Windows Vista.

      We are using TCP and port 1521. The connection works fine in SQLPLUS.

      Connection to - 64bit running on Red Hat

      It seems I can initially connect in SQL Developer, but as soon as a type a query into the worksheet or a browse database objects in the navigation pane I get the following error.


      LEVEL: severe
      SEQUENCE: 52
      ELASPED: 0
      SOURCE: o.d.db.DBUtil
      MESSAGE: Warning, unhandled exception: Closed Connection

      LEVEL: severe
      SEQUENCE: 53
      ELASPED: 0
      SOURCE: o.d.db.DBUtil
      MESSAGE: Warning, unhandled exception: Closed Connection
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          If you run from \sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe, do you get any output in the opened console when reproducing this? This could help diagnosing the problem.

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            I ran \sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe

            All it displays in the output window is Registered Times Ten - nothing else

            As soon as I run select sysdate from dual I get connection closed.
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              Hi all,

              Same problem here. After all I tried, I strongly assume it is a software bug.
              My PC = Windows 7 Pro X64 SP1, Java 32-bit. My environment looks like this:

              Oracle user accounts:
              U1 = user 1
              U2 = user 2, with DBA role on DBA_ROLE_PRIVS

              DB1 = Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
              DB2 = Oracle Database 10g Release - 64bit Production

              U1 and U2 can connect with Oracle SQL Developer to DB1 and DB2.
              U1 and U2 can connect with Oracle SQL Developer to DB2.
              Only U1 can connect with Oracle SQL Developer to DB1.

              Connection method in SQL Developer is the same over all tests:
              simple connection + standard role + user/pass + host (name/ip) + port + sid.

              Until now I tried:
              - resetting all SQL Developer data (including appdata\roaming) and starting from scratch.
              - disable IPv6 on my LAN adapter.
              - start with administrative privileges.
              - tried different versions of SQLDev 3.x
              - mixed SQLDev 32 bit and 64 bit (by manually adding JDK)

              Nothing worked.

              Note: In SQL-Plus everything works fine.

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                If any of you have a DB support contract, I suggest you log a SR through Metalink/MOS, to guarantee follow-up from Oracle.

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                  Obviously, the SQL Developer team does not follow this forum.
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                    I have found a solution for this problem.

                    It is a software bug in Oracle SQL Developer.
                    Just install the latest version of Oracle SQL Developer and goto HELP > INSTALL UPDATES.
                    There is an "Oracle Patch 11..." fixing the problem described above.

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                      Hi, could you please provide the full name for the patch?

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                        There's only 1 patch... not that difficult to find.

                        But nice find, no one announced it!

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                          Absolutely useless post. No question, no answer... Thx for the participation
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                            Jim Smith
                            And your participation constributes what exactly?

                            As K says, there is only one patch so there is nothing to add.
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                              I found the patch the installed it. I still get the "closed connection" message. It only does this on one database. SQL Developer works fine on the other databases.
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                                I asked question. This is enough, especially, that the post with patch info was provided not by Mr K. I searched Metalink prior to post it for patch on SQL Developer but have not find any... But take it easy.
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                                  Instead of asking questions, read; goto HELP > INSTALL UPDATES.

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                                    :) Gentleman, you have to respect others and not assume that you are very special and others just a pedestrians on your way to success. I did that, unfortunately, SQL Developer returned error, saying that all update servers like oracle.com are down. I tried that once and did not bother again. Thank you very much for help, I'm laughing, how fast technical forum becomes just a social one...
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