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    Missing Data

      Hi Everyone,
      I need some help with a report. It's based on the Service Request object.
      I am using Active/Current Reporting (NOT Historical/Analytics) - Service Requests

      After setting up some filters I need a list of SR's from yesterday with some more details/additional fields:

      For e.g. When I add only the SR# column it shows me the comeplte list of SR's for e.g. 200 from yesterday
      now I add some additonal fields to the report display: Account Name (Lookup/ReadOnly Picklist) or CustomObject1 (Lookup/ReadOnly Picklist). As soon as these are added the number of displayed records reduces IF either of those fields are blanks.

      Basically it shows me a list of only those SR's who have the account name populated.

      Is there any way I can show all the SR's (based on the filters) irrespective of whether the other fields are blank or hold a value?

      Thanks Gaurav
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          use combined reports.
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            alexn (crmnow)

            It is possible, have a look in the knowledge base for Negative reporting or Combined analysis, one of these will fix your problem. What I usually do to avoid this is make Account and CO1 a required field which means it always has a value, and create 1 Account and 1 CO record that says Unknown so they can still attach a record if they don't know it.

            this Inner join is a common issue, hope this helps.

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              Hi Gaurav,

              The problem you are facing is quite common. This is a kind of limitation in CRMOD.

              I have a solution for you, however, my assumption is that you would be using ONLY the Account Name or CO Name in the report and no additional fields from the Account and Object.

              The solution would be to do the following:

              1. Create Two Custom fields in Service Request level, one for the Account Name and the other for the CO Name.
              2. When ever the SR is created please populate one SR custom field with the Account Name and the other SR Custom field with CO Name. You need to use the Post default in the two fields.
              3. When ever the user changes the Account or the Custom Object please use workflows to update the custom fields at SR level.
              4. Use the Custom fields instead of the system Account Name or CO Name in the report.

              In Case there are Other Account Fields that need to appear in the report, kindly convice the users that this much is only feasible.


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                @Alex - thanks, -ve reporting would not work here since I am not looking for either-or data set , combined works out though.

                @Paul - That was the direction I was thinking in - using JFF. thanks for the help