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    repair oracle client on windows

      hii all,

      presently i m using oracle 10gr2 client on windows XP & oracle net configuration Assistants & net manager are not open properly.
      Here is any way to repair oracle client or uninstall client and reinstall again

      please help


      Vaibhav Dixit
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          gdarling - oracle
          You don't necessarily need net config assistant or net manager to run as all they do is generate text files (tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora) for you.

          If you have a tnsnames.ora file and sqlnet.ora file from a different installation you can probably just copy/paste them into your %Oracle%\network\admin folder and see if that gets you going.

          To remove the Oracle software and restore the machine to a 'clean' state if you want to retry the installation is a bit of a hassle because it involves manually cleaning out the registry, your PATH environment variable, etc. However, if you have access to My Oracle Support, the following note walks you through it:
          Note 124506.1 How to Remove the Oracle Client Software Before Reinstalling

          Hope it helps,