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    Access Control for Portlets in a page

    Vinayaka Prabhu

      I am able to user access control to hide/show tabs and items for specific groups of users. However, I am not able to do for the other things in the page like regions and the portlets i am creating in them (cannot find the access tab/option at all even in the list view of the page). How can this be achieved ?

      I have seen some examples like the transport services portlets show up in the builder based on the roles provided. Any pointers ?


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          Asif M. Naqvi
          For non-standard portlets, you can also do access control by going to each of the portlet individually. For instance, if you have a portal form, or report or dynamic page, etc, you can control its access by going to Manage options in each of them.
          However, for standard portlets, like HTML portlet, there is no direct way to control access. For them, instead you can do a very round-about way to implement access controls by creating other pages and then publishing them as a portlet in your actual page.