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    Voting Disk file remains OFFLINE after Array Reboot

      Here is the scenario that we are working on. I hope you guys can assist:

      -(2) IBM DS3524 Arrays (array1 and array2)
      -(2) Oracle Linux 5 x86-64 RAC nodes - Grid Infrastructure and ASM
      -ASM mirroring across arrays for data diskgroups
      -no voting disks or OCRs in ASM
      -(2) voting disks on block devices on array1 - using udev rules
      -(2) voting disks on block devices on array2 - using udev rules
      -(1) voting disk on an NFS mount

      We are testing array failures by shutting down array1 and restarting array1. After array1 is shutdown, the (2) voting files that are on array1 go 'OFFLINE', which is expected. When array1 is restarted, the OS recognizes the devices and the udev rules are applied. However, the voting files remain 'OFFLINE' (crsctl query css votedisk).

      Besides restarting CRS, is there a way to initiate a 're-check' of the voting files on array1 so they get marked as 'ONLINE' via a parameter that needs to be tuned, i.e. disktimeout? I would have thought that CRS would automatically requery for voting files and re-mark them as 'ONLINE' . Or, is the voting file remaing 'OFFLINE' normal behavior?

      Thanks in advance!