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    Overriding javax.microedition.xml.rpc.Operation


      I need some help with the following problem:
      1. There is a terrible drawback in the implementation of javax.microedition.xml.rpc.Operation (com.sun.j2mews.xml.rpc.OperationImpl) - this implementation accepts ONLY one cookie per endpoint.
      2. As my web service uses more than one cookie I would like to re-implement the com.sun.j2mews.xml.rpc.OperationImpl with as little effort as possible.
      3. I am using NetBeans 6.9.1 and Java ME SDK 3.0.
      Unfortunately I cannot access the com.sun.j2mews.xml.rpc and com.sun.midp.io namespaces. I do not know if it exists in some jars - I tried a lot of them...
      If someone has knowledge how to deal with the above issue, please give me a hint.

      Warmest regards,