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    JMQ_ETC_HOME value

      Seeing this in my logs with pretty much a vanilla install of 4.5. How/where do I correctly set this so it doesn't error out?

      ERROR [B3142]: Unable to use JMQ_ETC_HOME ./message/openmq/mq/bin/./message/openmq/mq/bin/../../etc/mq


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          We can't figure out why you're getting that error message.
          Can you please send us a few more things such as:
          1) what platform are you on?
          2) where is your MQ installed on the system?
          3) Do you have any mq* or MQ* or JMQ* environment variables set?
          4) Send us layout of the top-level install ('ls' of the top-level install dir).
          5) Perhaps send us the more output from the log file instead of just that error line.