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    JRE Latest version not being used by Oracle Forms

    Ray Bosman
      Morning Java and Oracle people

      I have a question regarding JRE. Its hard to word my question in a simple search phrase for the web or OTN, which is why I am making a post.

      I have JRE version 24. Its able to run oracle forms from various oracle application servers around our office.
      When I try to call oracle forms from one particular server, the browser demands that I download and install "Java SE Runtime Environment 6.0. Update 11"

      I have had this before in other situations on other servers where the app server MUST HAVE a particular version of JRE or nothing at all. Even if you sport the latest JRE, the servers demanded version trumps yours every time.

      My question is: would the latest jre, JREv24 in my case, not be a "one JRE fits all"? An omnipresent runtime that can handle all the java demands of my browser?

      My only hunch as to why this is happening is that the version hardcoded into a configuration file is the only version allowed, and no other be accepted, not even if the version installed on the client is higher.

      I am using win 7 x64, 32bit IE browser, with JRE 24 32bit

      Thanks for your time


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