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    Pivot tables with column selector - navigation?


      Just hoping someone can help. We maintain a large number of dashboards and would like to move to streamlining them by combining reports using column selectors. However when we have pivot table reports where the column selector on the rows are selectable on up to 5 different fields, but the pivot columns are split by one specific field, the navigation reports won't filter on the column headings. It will filter on the rows which can change between the various column selector options.

      For example we have:

      5 columns (5 types of application)

      The rows are either: advisor, status of app, month received, age of app, world region etc...

      The fact is # of apps

      This navigates to a list report which should prompt off the various fields in the column selector and the pivot table column headings (all are prompted) but it just ignores the type of application field and only prompts off the rows.

      Is it possible to have it prompting off both like a normal pivot table does?

      Sorry if that's not clear.


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