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    JavaFX 1.3 application running in JavaFX 1.2 Mobile

      I now it may sound silly... but I have been working on a JavaFX 1.3 application that had to work on mobile devices. But I have just discovered that JavaFX Mobile corresponds to the 1.2 version, so my application doesn't work at all on devices with JavaFX Mobile.

      I may be forced to rebuild the whole graphic interface if I am not able to translate 1.3 GUI code to 1.2. For some reason the code created with NetBeans 6.9 doesn't work on JavaFX 1.2. The way it creates RootNodes:

      public function getDesignRootNodes (): javafx.scene.Node[] {
      [ backgroundImage, ...]

      which is called when creating the scene:

      public-read def scene: javafx.scene.Scene = javafx.scene.Scene {
      width: 480.0
      height: 800.0
      content: getDesignRootNodes () //Completely ignore in JavaFX 1.2?

      creates an empty scene. I guess it's more complex than that, something related to how nodes are initialized.

      My question is: does anyone know if 6.9 scene code can be used in javaFX 1.2 somehow? Or whether a 1.3 application can run on a 1.2 mobile device? : (