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    How to display ECID in an error page

    John Stegeman
      Hello everyone,

      I have a very simple servlet-based application that I am deploying to Oracle Fusion Middleware (version I also have an error page directive in my web.xml that displays a user-friendly page (i.e. "call the helpdesk") when my servlet sends HTTP 400/500 responses (which I do intentionally on certain error conditions).

      In order to help in diagnosis of the problems, I'd like to include something in the error page that the user could quote to the help desk to assist them in finding the specific log messages (which my servlet has duly logged) related to the request. The obvious thing to use would be the ECID of the request. However, I cannot, after looking through lots of documentation, figure out how to display the ECID in the error page. As my request is going through WebCache, I've tried turning on the diagnostics from the webcache (which the docs seem to say will cause the information to be included in either the response headers or the HTML body), but this doesn't seem to work.

      I appreciate any pointers, especially pointers to the docs!