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    MS Word 2010 and BI publisher

      Is BI Publisher suppose to be able to work with MS Word 2010. I get an error that macros are not enabled which others had alluded to and then tried to go back to Word 2007. Is there an upgrade or patch available to work with Word 2010?
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          I have been working with RTF template using 2010, the only issue so far I have come across is in the Alt Text for Images, as Word 2010 will prefix the url statement with Description: or Title:. The workaround is to re-edit the document in 2007 version and save.

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            I upgraded to Word 2010 and my BI Publisher Template Builder stopped working. Though I enabled macro security, I still end up with the same error "The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your Macro security settings". I cannot downgrade to MS Office 2007 because of company policy.

            Appreciate your help.
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              I am having the same issue. I have 2007 on a VM and it works with BI Publisher and However neither will work with word 2010. Anyone have a suggestion?
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                I found a reply out there somewhere that instructed me to find all the .exd files on my drive (hidden or not) and rename them to .exd.old. I did this, found five files and renamed them. BI Publiisher would then load a data file. HOWEVER, I started getting initialization errors with Word (don't remember exactly what the error was at the moment.) I found them all and renamed them back (Word had created new files for some of them already.) I got rid of the Word errors, but cannot load XML data into Word because of the macro permission error.

                This needs a solution.
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                  so it's true, it's not resolved for native support for Office 2010 (Word 2010)?
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                    Kan Nishida-Oracle
                    Hi all, we have added the Office 2010 support with the latest release, please let me know if you have any issue.

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                      Just loaded the newest version and I can't do anything - I am trying to follow the tutorial. I am using Word 2010. I click on buttons and get no response, or I click on buttons and get "Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found".

                      I tried earlier to download the BI version off PeopleSoft Tools 8.51, and there I was getting the Macro Security error for every button/option I tried.
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                        Kan Nishida-Oracle
                        we could reproduce this at one of the machines at our lab, investigating it. will update soon.
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                          Kan Nishida-Oracle
                          Finally figured out what is the root cause of this issue is. This is caused by one of the Microsoft's windows security update that installs VBA runtime file, which is supposed to fix a VBA vulnerability but caused third party softwares (plug-in) stop working! Yes, this third party software in this case is the Template Builder.

                          Here is the detail of the MSFT update patch.

                          Basically what we need to do is to delete '.exd' files, which have been invalidated by the update, then refresh them by restarting the Word again. In my case, I found one file under C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Forms so deleted it, then restarted Word, now it's all working.

                          Let me know if this would address your issue.
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                            Strangely enough, I had to delete those xsd files for a different Word issue this morning. Now when I go back to Word I can use BI Publisher!

                            Look here for how to delete those xsd files

                            I had to restart my computer to make this work.

                            Thank you for figuring this out!
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                              One more problem, as I am trying to follow the tutorial:

                              When trying to edit field properties (I want to format a currency field) I try to right mouse click on field > BI Publisher > Properties and nothing happens. The other two options (Create Group, Create Conditional Region) bring up the dialog box.

                              Thank you.
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                                Hey Kan,

                                Well, after I've tried all the ideas from this tread, I still have the same problem: I can't see the BI Publisher toolbar within Word. Word 2010 is installed and cannot be changed due to company policies. I've installed Oracle BI Publisher Desktop on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

                                Any help would be appreciated!


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                                  64 Bit installations were not supported in the release.
                                  I heard so, that it worked for some customers as long as you had
                                  a 32 Bit Version of Office.

                                  We are currently working on 64 Bit installer for
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                                    Thanks Klaus for the update!

                                    Do you have an idea when version will be released? The boss is sorted of cracking the whip to have reports done asap!! lol...

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