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    Advanced Custom Objects and Owned by User


      I am building a report on Advanced Custom Objects. We have a web service that populates certain fields in CO4. One of the fields being populated by the web service is "Owner". In this report, I want to add a column from Owned by User, however, doing this results in no records being shown. It seems like there is no association with the Owner field and the Owned by User data. My thinking was that by populating the Owner field this would automatically associate the two.

      So my question is: Are there ways I can pull in data from Owned by User or do I have to populate the field through the web service?

      Hope this makes sense. Any input/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,
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          After searching some more, I found my answer. There was a similar question, from the thread named "Reports on Advance Custom Objects (CO4)", posted: Aug 18, 2010.
          The question was:
          "I'm creating a report on CO4, after adding all the necessary columns from CO4, relevant records comes up (when I click on Preview Analysis). However,when I try to add a column from Account object (say Accounts Name), I get No Result page (when I preview the report). is this a known issue or bug? kindly advice."

          The answer was:
          "When working with the Advanced Custom Objects subject area you must add a metric from each of the objects that you wish to report on. Try adding the # of Accounts metric to your report and it should display data, and then you can just set the properties on this column to hidden so that it doesn't show up in your reports."

          The report works by adding a metric value. Hope this will help others.
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            What am I doing wrong? I want to create a report with fields from 3 subject areas; 2 standard (account and opportunity) and 1 custom (forecast). As seen in the attached screenshot you can see that I added a metric file dfor the 3 subject areas.


            Can somebody please advise me?

            Thanks in advance!
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              Hmm, I'm not sure why that is. When you run the report, do you get an error or just no results? Try leaving the Forecast metric on the report, but remove Account and Opportunity metrics and see if that does anything. If I see anything else that is useful, I will let you know. Hopefully you get it working, good luck.
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                If you are creating a report on three Subject Area's they all need to Join this means as follows:

                Account is correct to Oppoortunity and Custom Object 1 (Forecast)
                Opportunity is connected to Custom Object 1 (Forecast) and Account
                Custom Object 1 (Forecast) is connected to Opportunity and Account

                You will then need to include all metric's if all records dont all join then you will not have the expected results.
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