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    Drivers for Sun Ultra 24 Workstation (1.6)


      I am in the same problem as a lot of people, I buy a Sun ultra 24 workstation from a friend. I need to upgrade the Bios driver to the last version and like everybody I am unable to download it from Oracle support as I don't have a CSI !
      I contact ORacle support but no reply....I don't want to buy something to be able to download the latest drivers for this workstation !
      So, my question is :

      If someone have an CSI code from Oracle, is it possible to download the latest drivers and tools 1.6 for the Sun Ultra 24 workstation and put it on megaupload or something similar for people like me that still use this material but don't have a contract with Oracle ?

      Thanks a lot to the guy that will help us...I have seen we are a lot in the same situation...what a shame for Oracle !!!! never seen this before !!!!


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          You are requesting what cannot be done.

          Oracle now owns all intellectual property of what they purchased from Sun Microsystems.
          They have decided that most of it shall only be available to paying customers.

          If anyone gives their paid-for number to the general public, they will likely have all those privileges cancelled by Oracle (and thus their access to all support content will be refused).

          If someone is found to have freely distributed something that is only available to those with a paid support contract, they will likely be visited by some of Oracle's large team of lawyers.

          It's just not worth it to have you get for free what everyone else must pay for.

          I believe you have three choices:
          a) Use that workstation as-is, or
          b) Sell it back to whomever you got it from, or
          c) Do the morally correct thing and buy a support contract to get access to Oracle's knowledge-base.

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