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    Download problem in archive

      Going to


      to download jsse 1.0.3_04, the download button for the domestic strong encryption version does not work. It just takes you to the main Oracle/Java page (http://www.oracle.com/us/sun/index.html).

      I called the support number on the page, but of it wasn't the right one (naturally). The support person I spoke to said I should try emailing Java support, but I can't find that anywhere. The closest I cam was a online chat pay-for-fix, which didn't seem to apply (directed more at technical issues).

      Can anyone direct me to the correct contact, provide and alternate link, or offer some other place I can download this? I was able to get the Global version, but I have a feeling I'm going to need the strong encryption version (old application, but new infrastructure).

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          Unless you are using a very very old JRE/JDK (I think 1.3 or earlier) you don't need this download since the JSSE is included in the JDK/JRE. You may need to install the unlimited strength jars to get the full strength you need.
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            I am using an old JDK, in fact. The application was built in using an old CORBA development suite that requires jdk 1.3.1. Plans are in place to replace this system, but that is a few years away. In the meantime, I need to get this version connecting to a servlet over https.

            The fact that I am working in an old jdk is exactly why I do need this download to work! I've read that bouncycastle has an implementation that works, but thought I should try the jsse first.

            So, the question remains.
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              You have found one of the many links on the Oracle site that are faulty. Since the vast majority of people who visit this site have no association with Oracle you are unlikely to get a response here from Oracle but you might be the lucky one. I suggest you email to Oracle support but don't hold your breath waiting for an answer.
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                Thanks for the reply.

                Contacting the correct arm of support was part of the problem, though. What should I try, support@oracle.com or something? There did not seem to be a Java-specific support contact, but I easily could have missed it.
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                  If the old server you are running this on is still under support, ie you are running Solaris 8 and Java 1.3.1 then you can login to My Oracle Support (support.oracle.com) and open a SR to request a download link.
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                    The system isn't running on Solaris and I'm not sure if the company has a CSI.

                    Most companies have a website support link, but not this one. The actual problem is somewhere in the internal linking, so it's not a technical problem with any particular Sun or Oracle product...just something broken by the acquisition.

                    Are there any Java ftp sites out there that might have 1.3.1 archives? I'm going nuts trying to explain things to different areas of Oracle support that cannot help me.