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    Custom reports in OIA

      Hello All,
      I need to generate report to get list of users for a specific role. In the docs it is mentioned that we need to give .jrxml file in the custom report and I see sample reports but didn't get any useful information.

      Those who have done this before, please share some information.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Daniel Redfern

          You can use the .jrxml files (located in OIA_HOME/reports) and use them in open source reporting programs (such as ireports or crystal reports)

          You can either lean on the created reports and import them into the reporting programs, or, connect the reporting program to the OIA directory and use the reporting wizard by using a SQL scripts.

          (I would recommend to use ireports as its a freeware product and really easy to use)

          Steps required
          1) Know what you need to show in a report by building up a SQL script (use the OIA tables for this)
          2) Once you have this SQL script, log into ireports and connect ireports to the OIA database
          3) Click on the wizard, and BOOOOOM, its created for you
          4) Play about with the structure within the report, play with the colours etc, once you're happy, save it as a .jrxml
          5) use his .jrxml and put this in the OIA_HOME/reports folder
          6) Go into the OIA GUI and add the custom report

          Note: the jrxml needs to get compiled, which then creates a jasper file (a compiled version of the jrxml). If the jasper doesn't exists, OIA will create one for you. If you change the version of the jrxml and the jasper file exists, delete the jasper file and populate the jrxml into the report directory

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            Thank You for your detailed steps.

            I used iReports and generated .jrxml file and added it to the OIA_Home /reports folder. From OIA interface, tried to create a custom report but when iam trying to upload the file, it is saying "File already exists".

            These are the steps I followed..

            1. Login into OIA, Report--> Custom Reports and clicked on New Custom Report.
            2. In the dialog box, given a name to the report and for the file upload, added .jasper file (tried with .jrxml file also) and when I press OK, it is saying 'File already Exists' error.

            Not sure what I am missing, please suggest me.

            Thanks you in advance.
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              Daniel Redfern

              I believe that you might need to move the jrxml into a different directory then import it, It seems like when you import it into OIA it will compile the report without having to execute the query.
              Make sure you remove both the jrxml and the jasper files out of the reports directory, then try importing it. Once its been successfully check that a newly created .jasper file has been created in the reports directory. As a form of best practice, it would be ideal to have all the original .jrxml files within the reports, so once compiled, move the jrxml file into the reports directory so you know where it is in future terms