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    How to refresh data in BI Bean...

      I'm using JDeveloper 10.12, BI Bean 10.122, Database Oracle 10gR2 and i build cube, dimension and measure folder in Oracle Enterprise Manager..
      I've make OLAP Connection in BI Bean, and i edit the dimension and cube in OEM, but the OLAP data in BI Bean not updated, the data still the old data..
      And i try to delete the dimension, cube and the measure folder in OEM, the OLAP data in BI Bean, automatic updated the data.
      The data is gone. and i try to make new dimension, cube and measure folder in OEM, but the OLAP data in BI Bean not updated..
      I confused why when i edit or add new data, the OLAP data in BI Bean not updated??
      But when i delete the data, the OLAP data automatic updated??
      How to refresh the OLAP data??
      I need to build application in BI Bean, but there's no data in BI Bean..
      any suggestion??
      I NEED HELP.. Thanx..